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Made with Magic...

We are 1 of only 3 companies worldwide and the only one in Europe to bring you the one and only real CBD flower bling, plated in our planets most precious metals. We get many questions on how it is done. Well, it's made with magic...:-) The process we use to create these stunning pieces of jewellery is the alchemical magic of an ancient craft called Electroforming.

The studio (rarely this tidy:-)

Although we can't reveal to many secrets to our trade we'd love to give you a sneak peak into the studio all our magic is made in. In our studio White Rabbit Gallery's creative mastermind and alchemy wizard John King works his magic to turns real CBD flowers into bespoke pieces of 4.20 jewellery.

First we dry the flowers thoroughly

Gently drying the flowers at about 14 degrees Celsius

Lots of alchemical magic happening here. The flowers go through difference stages/baths in of secret sauce layers. The before last layer is copper, making it ready for a final bath in pure 24 karat gold or fine silver. Our platinum plated bling goes through a gold bath before being plated in Platinum, this stuff is so decadent it won't 'stick' to copper (his partly explains the price difference).

Many different layers of magic and high voltage, don't try this at home folks!

After different stages and about 3 days later the flowers are plated in copper and ready for their final bath in precious metal.

After a few stages of magic, copper plated bling ready for her final bath

The final result; 100% unique 4,20 jewellery!

From left to right; fine silver, 24 karat gold, pure platinum plated Cannatonic CBD flowers

Wear it with pride, upgrade your 4.20 lifestyle

He loves his bling!



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