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"When Beats Meet Bling: The Stoned Apes and MC STEF Collaboration"

In the world of creativity, the most unexpected collaborations often result in pure magic. The latest testament to this phenomenon is the electrifying partnership between Stoned Apes and the inimitable MC STEF. Their new track, "Kali Mist," is not just a song but an artistic journey that encapsulates the essence of their vision.

MC STEF with Bling, Stoned Apes, Kali Mist

Adding another layer of intrigue to this collaboration is the seedline of the same name, "Kali Mist." It's as unique and enchanting as the track, with phat juicy nugs and an ultra pungent aroma. The artwork surrounding this union takes on a playful cartoon style, with MC STEF sporting an animated version of our exquisite bling.

This imaginative blend of music and visual art serves as a delightful reminder that creativity knows no bounds. It's an invitation to break barriers, to blend the worlds of sound and style, and to create something that is truly distinctive.

MC STEF in full effect

Treat your ears to some Kali Mist, find it here: MC STEF, Kali Mist Find out more about the seeds and get them here: Stoned Apes x Stip Seeds Collaboration



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