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We're on a mission to accessorize the 4.20 industry. We're the only company in Europe, and 1 of 3 worldwide, to bring you real 24 karat gold bling that still contains the actual flower or leaf inside, making every single bling 100% unique, always. All our work is inspired by our love for the plant and made with a touch of magic.  


We're A UK-Dutch partnership that proudly snagged the Best Accessory Stand award at Cannafest 2022 and even found ourselves on the front page of Highlife Magazine earlier this year. 

We've been crafting unique creations since day one!

Let's accessorize with some seriously cool bling and revolutionize your style game.



The White Rabbit Gallery team at Spannabis 2022.


From right to left; John; Alchemy wizard and creative mastermind behind all our work. His lovely wife Johanna, and Arjan who runs our European sales and marketing operations.

We look forward to meeting you at the next 4.20 event!

Love & light

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